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2024 Applicants

The 2nd Annual MIT Female Founders Pitch Competition saw a remarkable turnout with 62 applications spanning diverse industries. Over 50% of the applications showcased innovations in AI, highlighting the growing significance of artificial intelligence in entrepreneurship. Additionally, 23% of the applications focused on healthcare solutions, underlining the critical role of technology in addressing healthcare challenges. The applicants represented a wide array of industries, including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Fin-Tech, Agri-Tech, Deep Tech, Bio Tech, Energy, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Ed-Tech, Impact Investing, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, HR, Fashion Tech, Blockchain, Space Tech, Financial Services, and Sports, demonstrating the breadth of innovation and entrepreneurship among female founders at MIT.


123IV, Inc.

AI, Healthcare

123IV, Inc. is a medical technology company that owns multiple patents and a working prototype for a transcutaneous, noninvasive, no specimen diagnostic device. Our diagnostic platform, which combines AI/ML and Raman spectroscopy, has undergone 2 clinical studies that demonstrate unequivocal proof-of-concept for 2 diseases. It is envisioned to replace blood draws and specimens. Our other patented MedTech inventions are also indeed innovative.



AI, FinTech

Grasping the financial landscape for small to medium agricultural businesses is vital, especially in emerging economies, where obtaining a loan is notably difficult. Taking a data point from our initial target Market - Mexico, only 6% of agricultural production units received loans in the past year. AG-DAX offers a cutting-edge market intelligence platform capturing data across multiple data sources to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence to banks and other lending institutions, enabling them to make well-informed lending decisions. By aggregating and transforming diverse data sources into intelligent insights, AG-DAX enhances the decision-making process for agricultural loans. We provide instant access to information, eliminating the need for complex and lengthy Excel our outdated PDF files. Our solution could potentially increase 50% the lending business by maintaining the default rate constant.




Alera’s mission is to combat the stigma around girl’s health education. While books, online courses, and school education provide the information girls need to know about their bodies, parents and educators often struggle with knowing how to start the puberty conversation with children. These passive methods often leave out either the parent or child from the puberty conversation.
That’s why we created Alera, a 3-pronged puberty education product that consists of physical kits, online modules, and a community network that facilitates 2-sided puberty conversations between parent and children, empowering children through knowledge and connection.



Fashion, Social Enterprise

ANH55 is a social impact and sustainable clothing company offering exquisite eco-friendly clothes to women aged 40 and above, providing economic development to refugees globally and preventing clothing waste.
Our clients are a 60 million buyers’ market and represent the largest demographic segment in the U.S., 1/3 of the country’s population, 25% of the $150 billion women’s apparel market and almost $ 1 trillion of the global market. However, they have been long ignored by the fashion industry. Our business model is scalable to fill the void of beautiful clothes that fit and reflect women who are thoughtful consumers without sacrificing their aesthetics.




Anthology is an evolution company generating diverse genomes to scale and digitalize biomanufacturing. With roots in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, and Harvard University, Anthology unlocks new possibilities for biomanufacturing by accelerating the speed of genetic mutations and selection, which quickly adapts organisms to grow efficiently in renewable feedstocks, discover and scale products in the industry of making enzymes and food ingredients, as well as in the emerging climate market. Beginning with filamentous fungi and autotrophic bacteria, Anthology's technology will lead to a bioeconomic future where carbon-neutral - and ultimately carbon-negative production - is possible.




Wastewater treatment is expensive, troublesome, and toxic. The status quo to remediate wastewater typically includes fiscally inexpensive treatment methods that have high environmental costs due to the use of harsh chemicals, which leach into the groundwater and surface streams. We have created a non-toxic and energy efficient solution, genetically engineered yeast, to capture heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, and mercury, from various water sources.


CD Healthcare Infrastructure Partners LLC

Financial Services, Investment, Healthcare Real Estate

CD Healthcare Infrastructure Partners is a vertically integrated real asset investment platform focused on executing a nationwide roll-up strategy of outpatient assets that facilitate healthcare delivery in a low-cost and convenient setting near where people live and work.


COIL Beauty

Consumer Goods

Our vision at COIL Beauty Dolls transcends traditional play and learning paradigms. Through cutting-edge smart books and companion doll sets like "Friends of Nia," we seamlessly look to merge technology with inclusive storytelling. Join us on this journey to redefine children's entertainment and education, shaping a future where diversity, empathy, and innovation thrive.


Claira Technologies Inc.


Claira is your intelligent talent assistant and helps you optimize your workforce using competency science and machine learning. She integrates with your current systems and can uncover invisible skills, alert you of gaps, identify growth opportunities and more.


ClarityCare AI

AI, Healthcare

ClarityCare AI specializes in streamlining prior authorization in healthcare through a proprietary AI-driven algorithm to support decision-making.
This tool automates the matching of insurance criteria with patient medical records, significantly reducing the manual and repetitive aspect of the labor involved in prior authorization cases.
It enhances case accuracy, ensures consistent case throughput, and cuts operational costs, thus improving the net margins of utilization management operations and yielding more consistent time to decision for patients.
The company targets utilization management companies and teams within payers, offering a solution that promises substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements in the healthcare prior authorization process.




Communal offers a Calendly-like solution for hospitals scheduling Medicare patients’ post-acute care. We replace a manual discharge process by streamlining care coordination for hospitals and outpatient primary care physicians. Our platform reduces administrative burdens, resulting in better care coordination and fewer hospital readmissions.



HR, AI, Blockchain

Darshana is a blockchain-based solution that provides trustworthy and verifiable working experience records that benefit both sides of the labor market; talent and companies. Its sovereign work identity protocol (decentralized identifier), is agnostic and interoperable among identity systems, talent platforms, job marketplaces, and other applications. Darshana's solution responds to the global trend of adopting sovereign identities and verifiable credentials already in place in several countries, EU.



AI, Pharma, Healthcare

Delineate is a AI-enabled fit for purpose data mining platform to accelerate computational modeling in drug development.


AI, Healthcare is reshaping the practice of medicine by building the technology to empower individuals to optimize their well-being and extend their lifespan.




Econda is an e-learning platform that allows kids to explore extracurricular interests in personal finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. With an AI-powered mentor (Orppal the Monkey), videos, challenges, quizzes, and activities for at-home or in-class learning, Econda helps bridge the gap in economic and financial literacy while encouraging kids to boldly explore their curiosities and extracurricular subjects.


Empower (soon to spin out of Zhennovate)

AI, HR, Workforce Development

Business needs evolve, but one need remains classic to all leaders - how to create a motivating growth-minded workforce to boost organizational effectiveness for innovation and business growth? And how to do so with scale and cost-effectiveness, especially during recessions?
This is where we come in. We envision a world where people feel understood and inspired, for all. We start with the workplace, empowering employees to perform at their best with our scalable personal way of evoking individuals’ intrinsic motivation and facilitating empowering team dynamics. Employee engagement moves the business at every level, resulting in up to 23% higher profitability and up to 43% lower turnover.


Equitable Technologies, Inc

AI, Healthcare, Medical Devices

Colorectal Cancer Screening Made Effortless
A bluetooth-enabled ingestible capsule that offers non-invasive, accurate CRC screening in the comfort of the patient's home.
Once ingested, the capsule will record a video and other data as it travels along the GI tract, which will be sent to a mobile app via Bluetooth.
AI (our proprietary model) will be used to review the video and other data, with a final sign-off by GI specialists.




ergo is a software company, and our product embeds a "Make an offer with ergo" button directly onto brands' product pages, creating a new way for brands to clear inventory without having to announce a sale. On the backend, we then provide brands pricing analytics and are developing a decision engine. We launched in October of 2023 and since then have seen +160% growth of our install base, with brands across all different product categories using our software.


Feanix Bio


Feanix Bio leverages two breakthrough genetic testing advancements to transform the dairy industry. We empower farmers to choose traits that boost profitability and sustainability (like feed efficiency, coat color, cattle size), while also preventing undesired pregnancies and reducing methane emissions. With over 10,000 tests conducted and $100,000 in revenue, we have an average 106% monthly growth rate. Mitchell Angove, Tom Bishop, and Meia Alsup are all agriculture veterans. Mitch and Tom, dairy farm-raised, bring genetics, farm economics, and conservation expertise from UC Davis and dairy giant SelectSires. Meia is a USDA organic inspector with a background in software engineering + ML from MIT and Google[X]. Fluent in genetics, AI, software, and agriculture, we are building the future of healthier, more sustainable, and more profitable farming.


Felix Vita LLC

AI, Healthcare

Felix Vita is a personal health assistant focused on preventive care, allowing users to log daily activities, meals, exercise, and symptoms. It analyzes this data to offer personalized health recommendations, aiming to track habits, identify patterns, set goals, and ensure accountability. Initially targeting women with sensitivities, it aims to facilitate positive health transformations.


Fit for Everybody


Womenswear fit and sizing is broken, and this issue begins with design. Fit for Everybody is a product development platform for designers and factories to streamline and standardize sizing from the design stage through low level, high impact intervention points.


HER Heard

AI, Healthcare

Women who are not “heard” in doctors’ offices and who lack access, may go online, get exposed to misinformation, contributing to delays in diagnosis and care which costs employers, insurance, and women $26.5 billion per year and incurs avoidable healthcare cost of $4600 per woman per year. We offer a highly engaging, comprehensive AI-augmented patient engagement and patient navigation platform for women via 1-self-assess, 2-chatbot, and 3-improved matched referral within the insurance system to improve outcomes and satisfaction scores at lower cost, starting with use cases of pelvic pain, well-woman exams and cancer screenings, and perimenopause/menopause with the aim to redirect current behaviors away from TikTok, Instagram, and Reddit to our platform



AI, SaaS

We aim to be the world's most user-friendly data analytics hub specializing in dark data utilizing GenAI. We help create a 360-degree view of your business automatically in 5 minutes and reduce the reporting process from weeks to minutes.
Over the next 18 months, we intend to generate $1.4 million in net profit by focusing on the accounting and consulting firms that specialize in business strategy consulting as strategic partners. In the US there are 88,652 accounting firms and 274,180 consulting firms that are looking to switch to easier analytic solutions, spend ~1-4% of their budget on software and tech, and understand the importance of dark data.


Home Outside, Inc.

AI, AR, Environmental Sustainability.

Home Outside is using 3D+AR/AI to make landscape design instant and free for the 45M US homeowners who have yards, thereby improving carbon sequestration, water conservation, biodiversity, energy efficiency, and home food production at a national scale and beyond. Recently nominated for the 2024 Earthshot Prize.


Infinity Link

Logistics, Supply Chain Tech

In logistics and warehouse, ring scanners are essential for barcode and package scanning, yet their dependence on battery power poses significant challenges. Frequent battery swaps, especially in cold environments, disrupt workflows, increase costs, and decrease efficiency.
Infinity Link introduces an infinite charging solution which allows remotely and infinitely charging the scanner, eliminating interruptions and streamlining operations. This innovation revolutionize inventory management and offering a competitive edge in operation efficiency.



AI, Smart Home Technology

InvisibleWorker is revolutionizing household management by seamlessly integrating various point solutions and employing advanced machine learning. Our platform proactively anticipates and automates daily tasks, lightening the mental load for parents and caretakers. Say goodbye to the chaos of juggling schedules and to-do lists, and hello to peace of mind and more time for what truly matters.


Jane Energy

AI, Energy, Environmental Sustainability., Green Technology

Making our homes climate-friendly is way too hard. From research to crunching numbers to finding contractors, most homeowners give up. Jane is a climate platform that makes upgrades easy. We design smarter climate plans to help homeowners discover options, budget costs, and plan projects. If homeowners want an upgrade, they can “checkout” and automatically get project quotes from contractors we trust.



AI, Healthcare

juli is an AI-powered chronic condition management platform that engages patients to improve their health with a radically simple app that’s supercharged with massive passive data collection. This data also offers healthcare teams actionable insights to better care for their patients. juli has been proven to be effective through rigorous randomized controlled trials, is loved by 32k patients and has 7-figure market traction in pharma.


Knock Out

EdTech, Sports

Knock Out teaches self-defense online to women. Nearly 1 in 5 women on campus experience violent or sexual assault. College campus departments of public safety (or equivalent) have budgets of up to $25 million a year, and sorority chapters have hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to invest in their members' safety and wellness. With lifetime access to curated content, Knock Out offers a higher standard and value to its users than any competing product on the market.


Kunda Impact

FinTech, Micro Finance

Kunda Impact is a transformative digital financial service company dedicated to empowering underserved and unbanked MSMEs, particularly women-led enterprises. We specialize in offering affordable, accessible financial and business tools, enabling these businesses to save, borrow, and grow. Our innovative approach not only provides capital but also encompasses business and financial management services, fostering business growth, building financial history, and enhancing creditworthiness. Through our mobile platform, we deliver swift, collateral-free financial solutions, tailored to the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, driving their economic independence and community growth.




Labby provides end-to-end enterprise milk testing solution that combines optical hardware, cloud computing and machine learning.
Our solutions enable rapid, reliable, and affordable milk testing.


Lilu, Inc

Medical Devices, Healthcare

Lilu ( builds tech products to make postpartum care more comfortable, efficient and pain-free for new moms.
We’re building two complementary product lines:
1) The Omni Breast Pump, the ultimate breast pump that uses our patented breast massage technology to help moms pump 55% more milk!
2) The MilkSense Tracker to help new moms track their breastfeeding and pumping sessions and provide them with unprecedented insights into their lactation and well being.


Loopa Living

e-commerce, Environmental Sustainability., Carbon Accounting

2%+ of global GHG are coming from the furniture industry, what can we do about it? Start being transparent about it, empowering consumers to take action.
Preparing for incoming Scope 3 carbon accounting regulation, Loopa is a B2B Scope 3 Carbon accounting SaaS platform for furniture purchasing. We help businesses preview and take control of their furniture-related emissions asap using public info.
We have produced carbon estimates for 1 k products so far, and are ramping up to 10k within 3 months.



AI, Healthcare

Medimate redefines patient quality care in hospitals through innovative technology. We are committed to creating safer and more efficient care environment.


Mithril Technologies, Inc.

Space Tech

Mithril Technologies is addressing a gap in advancement of GEO antenna technologies with a uniquely flexible mesh reflector antenna design. Deployable mesh reflector antennas have been largely passive for decades, limiting their uses. Now, Mithril has developed an electrostatic actuation technique to actively steer, shape and focus the beam in real-time. Our design has uses in space domain awareness, signal intelligence, GEO satellite communications and radar for weather monitoring from space.


Monki Tox


Monki Tox is a pioneering platform founded by Divya, a dedicated mom, to provide enriching content for children and help them connect to their cultural roots. With a team of passionate stay-at-home moms trained as storytellers, the app platform offers exclusive audio stories, sleep music, activities, and meal plans—all designed to instill cultural values and foster learning. The startup's journey includes winning the MIT Creative Startup Contest and achieving over 99,000 podcast plays. Join Monki Tox in shaping a brighter future for kids worldwide. Explore the offerings at



AI, AR, Sports Tech

Imagine you are a skier, you go down an amazing run, and immediately see a 3D version of yourself on your phone performing the same biomechanical movements at each turn. Then, you can review AI-powered visual feedback (e.g., how your technique compared to the pro’s) and coaching on how to emulate the ideal skier.
We build proprietary sensor technology that can 3D-render your body & environment and analyze your pose and motion together with everyday consumer devices (e.g., phone, watch, earphones) you already carry. We are now pursuing applications to sports, fitness, and physical wellness to enable AI-powered coaching based on instant, accurate, and novel motion simulations.
Our team is rapidly prototyping the sensors with pose estimation and machine learning algorithm, and already discussing potential pilot programs with ski schools and equipment retailers.


Neta Foundation, Inc.

Financial Services, Impact Investing

Neta is a charitable asset manager offering an innovative philanthropic platform to discover and invest in impactful research and technology. Our Donor Advised Funds enables investors and VCs to achieve a better risk x return target when investing in early stage / high risk opportunities



Financial Services, Impact Investing

NetaCarbon is a platform that digitizes and streamlines the process of the creation and management of carbon projects while matching them with pre-financing capital by securing exclusive offtake contracts from corporate buyers.



BioTech, Medical Devices, Life Sciences

NeuroBionics is building the future of precision bioelectronic medicine by developing the next generation of implantable devices capable of delivering deep brain stimulation (DBS) without the need for open brain surgery. Leveraging over a decade of innovation at MIT, NeuroBionics was co-founded by Drs. MJ Antonini, Nicki Driscoll, and Prof. Polina Anikeeva with the mission to expand access to brain therapy. We’ve developed microscopic, flexible, bioelectronic fibers the size of a human hair that are capable of recording and stimulating neural activity, delivering drugs, and ablating tissue. We guide our fibers through the blood vessels using an endovascular approach, and deliver them into deep brain regions where they deliver therapeutic stimulation through the vessel wall. By removing the need for open brain surgery to deliver DBS, our approach will broaden access to this life-changing therapy, and improve the lives of millions of patients suffering from conditions like Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, stroke, epilepsy, and depression.



AI, Event Management Tech

Nowadays is your AI copilot that takes the hassle out of organizing corporate events. For example, our AI can contact venues by email and phone to get availability, deal with back-and-forth negotiations, and present the best options.


OrthoKinetic Track Inc

AI, Medical Devices, Healthcare

"Attention military leaders! In the battlefield of readiness, one of the most critical fronts is the swift and precise recovery from musculoskeletal injuries, especially those affecting the shoulder—a prevalent cause of service-related disability. But fear not, as our revolutionary solution stands at the forefront of innovation.
Introducing our cutting-edge e-textile based wearable garment, infused with the power of artificial intelligence. Designed to transform the rehabilitation journey for shoulder joint disorders in both male and female military personnel, this technology marks a paradigm shift in post-injury care.
Imagine a garment that not only tracks but understands your body's movements, capturing real-time electromyography (EMG) and joint kinematic data seamlessly during physical therapy sessions or remote tele-visits with orthopedic surgeons. This data isn't just collected; it's processed through cloud-based AI algorithms, yielding personalized exercise recommendations tailored to each individual's unique needs.
With our system, precision meets progress. By harnessing the synergy between human movement and AI-driven insights, we empower soldiers with the tools they need to reclaim their strength and agility. This initiative isn't just about recovery; it's about strategic enhancement, ensuring that every soldier returns to duty with optimal readiness.
Join us in revolutionizing military rehabilitation, where innovation meets obligation, and every step forward is a testament to our commitment to those who serve."



Workforce Development, Employee Benefits

PRONTO, Is reshaping fringe benefits for urban Millennials and Gen Z talent. We specialize in self-care services and provide exclusive access to cutting-edge medical spa technology and experiences curated to enhance the value of returning to the office. From personalized express laser aesthetic facials to exclusive luxury sample sale events, our tailored perks prioritize work-life balance and deliver a premium lifestyle your talent deserves. Committed to innovation, we continuously evolve our offerings to meet the dynamic needs of the modern workforce, empowering employers to attract top talent and cultivate thriving cultures. Join us in redefining what fringe benefits means in today's fast-paced hybrid world.



AI, Healthcare, Medical Devices

After surgery, up to 50% of the analysis done to diagnose disease in the pathology lab may not contain any useful diagnostic information, leading to delayed patient results. Imagine the agony of waiting 1-3 weeks for a breast biopsy result. Pathology relies on visual and physical examination of tissue to select disease sites for further analysis — an inefficient method that places a huge burden on our healthcare system.
In our lab in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, we’re building a solution to equip pathologists with an AI-enabled 3D imaging tool with microscopic resolution that identifies disease sites efficiently and accurately to streamline pathology diagnoses and save time and money for the hospital and patient.
We’re harnessing Silicon photonics and CMOS manufacturing to shrink a medical imaging system onto a chip, an innovation ranked in the Top 50 Physics papers in Nature Communications. Our technology is the first to offer unparalleled speed and low cost, reducing adoption barriers. With a device costing under$100k, an average-sized hospital can save nearly $500k per year in pathology costs. Our vision goes beyond saving money—we’re speeding up diagnoses and driving a paradigm shift in pathology that will echo across the cancer care landscape.



AI, Healthcare

Pharmesol’s pharmacy-specific LLM-based conversational AI answers FAQs, educates, and follows up with patients 24/7 to create a concierge experience while increasing operational efficiency. As a workforce solution, we help pharmacy teams cost-effectively handle rising populations. Our platform includes a dashboard for staff, pre-built and custom-built conversation algorithms as well as a proprietary content library. Our entire product can be customized and accessed modularly via API and currently support any text-based channels (e.g., web, SMS, smartphone app).



AI, Natural Language Processing

We are collecting inclusive data sets to train new models to challenge bias in Ai, specifically in voice recognition technologies for our first iteration. A Stanford study showed across FAANG models that there was up to a 17% error rate for native white speakers, a 35% error rate for native African American speakers and up to 56% for nonnative English speakers. Of the 2 billion English speakers in the world, 75% of them are nonnative speakers, leaving a huge segment of the world's population out of reach for businesses, ed tech programs and new technologies that use voice recognition software.


FinTech, Blockchain

Predx is an AI-enabled prediction market on the SEI chain. The platform enables users to exchange views on current events and purchase shares based on the probability of an event occurring. It uses an AI recommendation engine to provide relevant recommendations and increase user engagement.


RephImmune Biotechnology Inc

AI, Life Sciences, BioTech

RephImmune is a preclinical-stage biotech advancing solid tumor cell therapy with RACE—a unique engine unlocking the full potential of immune cells. Unlike conventional cell therapies, RACE bypasses traditional signaling pathways, offering superior benefits compared to competitors. With the potential to redefine standards in cancer treatment, RACE offers hope to patients facing challenging solid tumors.




We've built a plugin that gives shoppers detailed size and fit information on clothing product pages (ex. "A size four will hit around the knee, the waist will be a little loose, and the bust will be a little tight"). This tool helps meaningfully bring down return rates which disproportionately impact retailer profits (for an example retailer, a 10% decrease in returns, increases profit by over 30%)


Smarty A.I., Inc.

AI, Productivity Software

Smarty is an AI-powered conversational calendar and EA for small business owners & solopreneurs, who need to capture everything on their plate in one place and universal inbox so they can plan their best day, every day. Smarty helps you create routines, stick to them, and automate those pesky administrative tasks with conversational commands (like, creating calendar events: "Coffee with Stella at Blue Bottle at 3pm CT", or drafting and sending emails: "Send a thank you to Ash at 3pm tomorrow").



Financial Services, Impact Investing

99% of people have no climate-friendly investment option in their 401(k). As a result one fifth of all money invested in the fossil fuel industry comes from retirement plans, risking the life savings of everyday Americans in this industry in decline. Sphere makes it easy for every employer to offer climate-friendly investment options to their teams.


Start Wise

Consulting, Technology Services

It can be a challenge to get your idea off the ground.
Our mission is to bring your dreams from idea to MVP, by providing a one stop shop for the technical design, infrastructure and people to make it happen, all within your budget.



AI, Life Sciences, BioTech

SyzOnc aims to change the therapeutic landscape for patients with devastating cancers, such as soft-tissue sarcomas and pancreatic cancer, where survival rates are low and immunotherapies rarely work. These cancers are complex ecosystems made of the cancer cells plus the tumor microenvironment, including extracellular matrix, vasculature, and immune cells. Our platform integrates advanced biological models and machine learning technologies to target the whole system and improve the efficacy of immunotherapy. Already, we have identified two hit chemical series for sarcoma and aim to develop several other programs while building our platform. We're driven to address the urgent need for novel approaches to improve survival rates for intractable cancers




TILT is comprehensive seasonal job hiring solution, streamlining the entire process from candidate discovery to onboarding. As a one-stop shop for seasonal businesses, we provide a seamless candidate matching, referrals, interview scheduling, and onboarding services, ensuring you find and onboard the right talent swiftly and effectively.


HR, AI revolutionizing talent acquisition using Generative AI. With over a decade of recruitment experience, our co-founder Yolanda recognized the inefficiencies plaguing candidate screening. Despite ATS systems, the sheer volume of job applications demands endless interviews. Enter, an AI-driven screening platform. We craft job descriptions with precision using Generative AI, posting on job boards and social media, attract candidates with hyper-realistic avatars, and conduct initial interviews autonomously without human intervention. Our machine learning algorithms analyze resumes and responses, swiftly shortlisting top candidates. seamlessly integrates into your workflow, saving time and resources. Join us in transforming recruitment by scaling sourcing, interviewing, and shortlisting processes efficiently.


The star in me (Legal - Femmevista Technologies)


The star in me' is a live learning platform that offers instructor-led programs at scale to organizations worldwide. Through a growing panel of 100+ global experts across industry and academia, partnerships with premier Business-Schools and growing library of 350+ modules, we offer virtual courses at a global scale.
Virtual instructor-led learning platform is emerging as one of the dominant categories for Leadership and Behavioral skill development which depends on human connection, experience sharing and peer-to-peer learning.


TinyGuardian LLC

AI, Healthcare, Child Protection Technology

TinyGuardian is an emotional threat detection tool that uses gamified art therapy to assess risk levels for bullying, suicide, and sexual abuse.



Telecommunications, Telepresence Technology

b-there the business of telepresence. Like a telephone which transmits sound over distance, and television which enables viewing of remote happenings, telepresence allows people to be present somewhere else through sight, sound, talking, moving and most of all, connecting. Unlike virtual reality which transports users to a prerecorded view of a specific time and place, or a world of complete fiction, telepresence connects people to a real place in real time to experience and interact with what is happening right then and there. You can be there without being there. For the past seven years, we’ve been using technology to connect people to amazing life experiences, big and small, and now we want the b-there network to be the conduit for many, many more.


Vertical Horizons

Renewable Energy, Environmental Sustainability., Clean Tech, Energy

Vertical Horizons is revolutionizing energy efficiency in energy- and carbon-intensive data centers with Vertical Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. Developed from over 8 years of research at MIT, our patented semiconductor innovation delivers unparalleled advantages over silicon-based devices, including improved efficiency, higher reliability, smaller footprint, and reduced energy loss. By deploying Vertical GaN, data centers can achieve a 40% improvement in energy efficiency in power conversion, reduce the need for cooling, slash operating costs by 20% and significantly reducing carbon emissions. Beyond data centers, our vertical GaN technology can be applied across high-power applications including electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging, microgrids, medical devices, with a total addressable market of over $14 Billion.



AI, Healthcare

eMote helps students improve their emotional intelligence–even while stuck on long waitlists for therapy–using AI-generated personalized art for self-reflection. Research into the feasibility of this innovative idea began in Dr. Rosalind Picard's Affective Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab when a group of MIT and Harvard students wondered whether self-reflecting in dialog with AI-generated abstract visual art could help people learn to identify, describe and communicate their emotions better. Results from our experimental study suggested that eMote could significantly reduce users’ symptoms of alexithymia (severe difficulties identifying emotions) and promote meaningful bonds with their personalized art based on users’ self-reported emotions. After capturing the attention of the MIT Ignite: Generative AI Entrepreneurship Competition and the MIT Creative Arts Competition, eMote is now being developed and tested further, with the help of experts in business administration, product design, and art therapy!



Renewable Energy, Environmental Sustainability., Biofuels, Energy, AI

Facing the urgent need to shift from fossil fuels, iPolymers presents a breakthrough in producing biofuels at scale. Leveraging an MIT-patented technology, we aim to replace the main cost driver in biofuels production process, enzymes, with our stable and high-performing iPolymers catalysts. We would simplify the conversion process of wood and waste into sustainable fuel, while reducing its energy-consumption and cost by more than 30%, making our solution the catalyst for a green energy future!


AI, Beauty

An AI personal shopper for Beauty SMBs aims to enhance customer experience and increase conversion rates by offering personalized shopping recommendations and assistance.

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