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"Thank you so much for inviting! I am so inspired to organize a similar event."

NYU MBA alum 2021

"In a room with ambitious and passionate female founders, I felt empowered and inspired by their stories and what they had to endure. I’ve never been so sure about my decision to continue this arduous journey.  To truly progress towards gender parity in Entrepreneurship, we need more moments and opportunities like this to show aspiring females what’s possible, to redefine the profile of what an entrepreneur looks like. Thank you to the organizers of the MIT Female Founders Pitch Competition and MIT Sloan Club of New York for turning this idea into reality. The meaning behind this evening is paramount and far exceeds the final award of $10,000."

MIT Sloan MBA candidate 2024

"It was such a great event! I couldn’t believe that we haven’t had such an event that focuses on female entreprenuers yet until now. I love the pitches and both the panels. They were all so insightful and incredible."

Colombia B-School candidate 2023

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